smoke alarm

  • Absolutely essential.
  • A battery operated smoke detector should be fitted to every floor of the house.
  • Make sure that you regularly clean the detector and test the battery, replacing when necessary.
  • You can buy smoke alarms in DIY stores and some supermarkets and they are easy to fit.

fire guard

  • Not just for open fires – use one for your gas fire and any radiators or storage heaters where little hands could get burnt.
  • A metal mesh guard to keep baby away from the fire and any spitting embers away from baby.
  • Make sure that the fire guard is firmly fixed to the wall and cannot be moved from the fire.
  • Be aware that the guard itself will get warm or even hot in use and you still need to watch baby carefully.
  • As an additional note – never hang washing on a fire guard to dry. However desperate you are for a clean dry babygrow, this is a fire hazard!