Some women have an intuitive feeling that they are pregnant even before they have missed a period. This could be attributed to the flood of pregnancy hormones produced by your body. These are some of the classic symptoms of early pregnancy:-

missing your period

Obviously, missing your period is a sign that you may be pregnant. There are other reasons why this can happen such as stress, drastic weight change and severe illness so you cannot interpret it as absolute confirmation that you are pregnant. On the other hand, some women have reported light periods during the first half of pregnancy and in rare cases throughout.

excessive tiredness

High levels of progesterone are released into your body in early pregnancy. This has a sedative effect and can lead to exhaustion. Also, your metabolism speeds up to support you and your developing baby. Sometimes you may experience such utter exhaustion that you have to sleep there and then.

feeling sick

Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, but most commonly before lunch time. It can be mild and occasional or quite severe. Eat little and often so that you don’t get hungry and to keep your blood sugar level up. Ginger is supposed to ease nausea so eating a ginger biscuit before you get out of bed may help.


Some women experience a metallic or bitter taste in their mouth which has been attributed to the rising hormone levels. This can also make certain foods taste different from normal. Consequently, you may crave foods you don’t normally like and which don’t go together (ice-cream and pickles) and go off those you have regularly (coffee).

enhanced sense of smell

Many women notice a heightened sense of smell during early pregnancy. As with tastes, normal smells can make you feel nauseous and you may crave others like petrol or creosote.

changes in your breasts

Right from the start you may notice that your breasts feel tender or sore. The nipples can get very sensitive and darken in colour. The veins across your breasts may become more prominent and visible.

frequent urination

You may feel as though you need the toilet more often than usual but in very small amounts. This can continue throughout pregnancy, especially towards the end when your baby presses against your bladder.