from one year onwards

The important thing to remember when consulting a baby milestone chart is that all babies develop at a different rate. At fourteen months, my daughter knew all the letters of the alphabet but my son still hadn’t said his first word.

Don’t worry if your baby doesn’t manage some of these activities at the stated time. Some skills will be gained earlier than indicated and others may take a while to come.

Your Child Health Record (Red Book) has some useful advice about possible developmental problems and what to look for. Of course, if you are concerned about your baby’s development consult your health visitor or GP for advice.

from 12 months

Says first word

Stands up alone

Prefers certain toys and books

Responds to certain requests like ‘sit’

from 13 months

Walks with one hand held

Takes first steps

Uses two or three words

from 14 months

Crawls downstairs

Follows a story

from 15 months

Knows names of some parts of the body


from 16 months

Uses around ten words

Fetches objects from another room

from 17 months

Uses around ten words

Fetches objects from another room

from 18 months

Walks upstairs

Uses two word sentences

Kicks a ball

Imitates your actions

Stacks six bricks

Uses around fifty words

Knows the names of some animals

from 2 years

Opens doors and lids

Helps you dress them

Knows some colours

Talks a lot

Sings some nursery rhymes

from 2 1/2 years


Rides a tricycle

Throws and catches a ball

Asks questions

Talks to someone they know on the phone

Counts to ten