baby bath

  • This is a small plastic bath for bathing young babies.
  • Some fit into changing stations and some fit over a regular bath with a plug hole for easy emptying.
  • A standard bath can be heavy to move once filled.
  • A baby bath is not a necessity as you could always use a washing up bowl (provided it has been cleaned out thoroughly), the kitchen sink (cover taps with cloth and plug hole with a flannel).

top & tail bowl

  • This is a plastic bowl, split into two sections for top and tailing (polite way to describe washing faces and bums!) your baby.
  • You should use cooled boiled water for topping and cooled boiled water with a small amount of baby bath for tailing.
  • Look for a top and tail bowl which has a little platform like a soap dish on it. This is useful for keeping used, wet cotton wool on.
  • The hospital will sometimes give you a pair of free bowls or you can use old margarine tubs or similar – they are just as good.

flannel or sponge

  • You will need a flannel or sponge to gently wash your baby – a small soft baby sponge is probably kinder on baby’s gentle skin.
  • Once baby starts on solids you will find having a fla