Our Breastfeeding section has loads of advice and information to help you feel confident and succeed with breastfeeding. It isn’t always easy but it’s the best start you can give your baby so don’t give up – you can do it!

baby care

If you’re not shovelling it in one end, you’re trying to catch it coming out the other. If changing a nappy looks impossible or you’re scared you’ll drop your baby at every bathtime our Baby Care section is just for you. Our step by step guides will guide first time parents through bathing, changing and cleaning your baby. It’s easier than you think.

baby sleep

Every parent dreads the sleepless nights and we all have to deal with restless babies at some time or another. There are some things you can do to help your baby settle…


What your baby should have, why they should have it and when.

health professionals

There are lots of professional health advisors around to help you during your pregnancy. Here’s who to call and what for.

baby health

If you want lots of quick reference health factsheets you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tried to cover everything from Meningitis to Colic, Chicken Pox to Headlice and many many more! You’ll also find information on your child’s routine immunisations.

calling a doctor

It may turn out not to be serious, but here’s some things to look out for which means you should call the doctor straight away.

register the birth

You’ve finally decided on a name – or have you. Registering a birth isn’t always straightforward but our guide will help you understand the process. Did you know that dads have different rights to mums and that you don’t have to give your baby a name for twelve months if you don’t want to! Check the facts and your obligations.

baby milestones

If this were a test none of our children would pass. You’ll see this kind of milestone chart all over the place but remember, it’s a guide and not the norm. Nevertheless we all want to get an idea of how brilliantly advanced our baby is so here’s a look at the wonderful things your baby can do and when.

baby safety

One of the ‘must-read’ sections. There are so many things in your home, your garden and car that can be a hazard to your baby! Don’t despair – you won’t have throw away everything you own and pad the house out with cotton wool. Baby Safety explains a few simple precautions that will help to keep your baby safe – at home, in the garden and in the car.