Pregnancy is a period in your life when you are forced to choose different clothes due to the changes you experience in your body. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be Gok Wan to look great – it doesn’t mean that when you are pregnant you don’t have to be stylish, especially when going to work and other formal occasions. The clothes you choose have to be appropriate and comfortable. Let us look at some guidelines that will ease the burden of choosing the right clothing to look professional as well as be comfortable.

Maintain your fashion sense

Some ladies want to hide the fact that they are pregnant for various reasons. This makes them end up looking bigger than they really are because they attempt to hide the pregnancy by putting on oversized dresses. Instead of looking comical in baggy dresses, choose dresses that are well-fitting yet comfortable. Dresses made from materials that stretch a bit are recommended. These can be combined with jackets and blazers in cold weather to bring out a stylish yet professional look.

Pair your skirts with leggings

During winter, you can pair your skirts with leggings or maternity tights to keep your legs warm. Choose the ones that can stretch or have panels which provide space for growth of your body. Consider the material the legging is made from so that you get one that is soft against the skin. The leggings you select needs to complement the color of the skirt you combine with. This is such an’ in vogue’ look, you can be warm comfortable and stylish at the same time!

Maternity suits

During pregnancy, you may be required to travel or attend a business meeting once in a while. This means you have to present yourself professionally. The best clothes in such a situation are suits which come in a range of high-quality designs and styles.
The main benefit of using maternity suits is that they can be custom-tailored to fit your figure and needs at any stage of your pregnancy. You don’t have to worry about the way you look or how big the pregnancy is, a professional tailor will most definitely come up with a suit for you.
It is essential that you get a suit knitted using high quality fabrics. It is advisable to get one that utilizes a blend of fabrics such as cotton/lycra or wool/lycra. These suits are durable as well as comfortable. The maternity suits are designed in such a way that the pieces can be worn after the pregnancy. Various pieces can be worn together to create a really stunning look.

Length matters

When choosing your maternity clothes, especially blouses and skirts, make sure they are the correct length. For modesty, the skirt should be long enough to cover your knees even when seated. The blouse needs to provide maximum coverage for the expanding ‘bump’. Some people at your workplace might feel embarrassedĀ  getting a glimpse of your exposed belly, yes that’s their problem but sometimes it is prudent to tow the line and cover up, otherwise they might feel tempted to show you their beer belly! Remember, you will gain weight during the pregnancy and you need clothes that will accommodate this, the trick is to try and find clothes that can do that without looking too billowy.
Maternity clothes for the professional woman are created for total comfort and style. It is upon you to come up with a combination that appropriate. You need to maintain your style even with your changing body curves.