Oliver was once again the top name for newborn boys, and has been since 2013. Jack is still second, still very popular (It was 14 years at the top spot until pipped by Oliver in 2013)

Harry was third followed by Jacob, Charlie and Thomas.

George was up 3 places to 6, Oscar down one to 8 and the top ten was rounded out with James and William.

There were only 3 new names in the top 100 – Ellis (up 9 places from 103), Joey and Jackson.


Amelia was the top name again, the 4 th year running. Olivia remained the runner up, with Isla, Emily and then Poppy in 5th.

In the top ten was Ava, Isabella, Jessica, Lily and Sophie.

Once again there were no new entries in the top 10.

There were 6 new girls names in the top 100 this year:  Thea, Darcie, Lottie, Harper, Nancy and Robyn.

For those that are curious to know how many gets you to number one, Amelia was the name registered for 5327 babies in 2014, Oliver for 6649.

(Just for clarity we should note that these figures are England and Wales Only)

There is more detail on the National Statistics website